• Reeti Meenakshi Rohilla

Scheibner’s fundraising ride for kids fighting cancer will now be in memory of a local Wheatley boy.

A single act of fundraising can be the power to cure illnesses, save and change lives. Fundraisers give ordinary people of our society the opportunity to overcome or improve their condition and fuel a real difference. Even if one wholeheartedly believes in the cause for a particular charity, putting time and effort to raise money for it isn’t easy.

Our economy is in a bad shape due to the global pandemic and it only seems to get worse. Fundraisers play an important role in minimizing the impact of difficult times on people of the society. Noble fundraiser Connie Scheibner who had originally set out to pound the pavement for cancer kids has now directed her raising in the memory of Michael Laliberté, a 16-year-old Wheatley boy who was a member of the soccer team that Scheibner coached last summer.

Michael was a fearless boy with a distinct sense of fashion unmatched by any other. The determined young man who battled childhood cancer for three years, during which he also maintained Honor Roll and Principal's Honor Roll, played, ref'd and coached soccer and excelled in everything he did. Michael, who was an inspiration to many, will be missed.

Scheibner has considered several tactics to generate higher donations. She has been running a wine bottle and can donation drive, along with having some local artists donate their work for a silent auction that will take place from August 1st to August 8th at the Pogue Irish Pub. There has also been a good response from some families of the community to contribute to the auction. She is working on including an online option for the silent auction to enable larger participation, given the current restrictions of social distancing. The Pogue Irish Pub is also donating one dollar per meal throughout the month of August.

Scheibner has been training for the event and has raised $1370 since the beginning of June in addition to all the other donations. “The generosity of this great community gave me the confidence to raise my goal from $500 to $2500.” Throughout this upcoming Saturday, she plans to ride laps around Wheatley to cover as much distance as possible to count towards her 500 km goal. “I’m looking to take a couple of breaks at the pub to rehydrate and be on site for the announcement of the auction’s beginning,” she said.

After the completion of this event, Scheibner plans to continue to focus on her cycling to raise money for kids fighting cancer, in association with the Great Cycle Challenge, a nationwide fundraising initiative. With many active Canadian charitable organizations across the country, there are various reasons that compel Canadians to donate.

Connie Scheibner, the 39-year-old mother of four said that the motivation behind the undertaking of this challenge was experiencing the close call of a possible cancer diagnosis of her son, a few months ago. Cancer is the leading cause of children’s death in Canada, with about 27 kids getting diagnosed every week. Scheibner’s slogan is

“Whatever WE sacrifice today,

May it be money,

May it be time,

May it literally be a pain in the butt

(in my case ) .... is NOTHING, NOTHING !!!! Compared to what these young ones are going through!

Let‘s stick together!

Let‘s give hope!

Let’s support these families!

And let’s finally put a big smile on all those little faces!”


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