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Leamington Crime On The Rise

Updated: Jun 1

Driving through the small town of Leamington is calming and truly does look lovely, But underneath lies something more sinister. At the beginning of the year police seized over $100k from a local drug trafficking investigation, also at the end of March police were looking for 3 suspects for an armed robbery of a local drug store and Just a few weeks ago there was a young man stabbed and transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

That is not all the crime in our small town, those incidents are just a few of the many incidents in Leamington.

Walking in Leamington during the day is beautiful and calming with all the old trees you see along your walk but after the sun goes down and the street lights turn on is when our streets become less beautiful and less calm. My fear for Leamington came true when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, people only became more desperate, and crime in Leamington became worse.

There are many incidents that our Leamington residents report. Such as break-ins ( houses/garages/cars ), packages being stolen off our resident's porches, and even children’s toys taken out of backyards.

If you follow one of the local Facebook pages (Leamington watch) you will see the daily updates from our Leamington residents about incidents they witness. Multiple Leamington residents have posted video surveillance of people on bikes checking vehicles at night and early mornings, make sure you lock your car doors and do not leave anything valuable inside. Some neighbourhoods are worse than others, but it looks to be a widespread problem throughout Leamington.

Being apart of these local watch groups has made me realize how our community is coming together to help fight the crime that’s happening in this town, the Facebook group is making it possible for residents to let other residents know what is happening in this town.

The crime rate in Leamington is on the rise but our OPP is doing the best they can and it makes me happy knowing our community is sticking together and helping one another.


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